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Stone on Home


  • Structural and decorative masonry
  • Residential, indoor and outdoor
  • Stone, brick, stucco and block
  • New construction and additions.
  • Masonry alterations and repairs.
  • Restorations
  • Design services
  • Sustainable, “green” building
  • Fireplaces
  • Patios
Stone gives a very unique and dramatic look. From many designs to choose from, YOU pick the design you are looking for. 
Stone is an extremely durable building material.
As an exterior surface, stone resists wear from wind, rain and ice. It also resists fading from the sun.
Stone walls are impervious to insect damage, which isn't true of wood siding.
Stone home exteriors won't rot when exposed to moisture. They are able to withstand fire, reducing the severity of damage to a home and the cost of repairs.
Homeowners with stone walls have no need to replace siding or paint the exterior, both of which are costly and time-consuming jobs.
Brick has been widely used and creates a beautiful structure. It creates a unique and visually appealing design!
Brick is low maintenance. Bricks don't need paint or other treatments to maintain aesthetics and durability.
Even after 100 years they are still strong, reliable and relatively maintenance free, saving you on the cost and time required to upkeep your home, compared to lighter weight materials.
Applied in three coats over a lath base, it provides a solid, durable, and seamless home exterior. Some advantages of stucco include a natural resistance to fire, lasting durability, and low maintenance.
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